Wonder Neem Oil

Neem Oil or Margosa Oil is botanical oil extracted from Neem Kernel by Solvent Extraction or Mechanical Pressing method, among these methods.


Assure most potent and purest neem oil without using any chemical or solvent during extraction.


Physical Properties Of Neem Oil

  • Neem Oil is a clear brownish yellow color liquid, with Garlic like odour. Also has slight sulfur tone in the oil.
  • It can freeze at temperature below 13 Degree Celsius.
  • Wonderneem Oil contains more than 2000 PPM of azadirachtin content.


In Agriculture

Neem Oil is a versatile product and it is widely accepted its use in insecticide manufacturing due to presence of highly potent Insect Growth Regulator - Azadirachtin which has reported to effects over 600 species of pests including insects like Lepidopteran Pest, Sucking Pests, Nematodes and some fungi and is completely safe to non target organisms like predators, honey bees, pollinators, fish, birds, cattle and human beings.

In Pets Care

Neem Oil is also researched and accepted as Veterinary Medicines for Pets and Live Stock from ancient time for various ticks, diseases, and wounds as an ingredient of medicines or alone.

In Human Medicines

Neem Oil is also used as it is and also in various medicines for human beings for Lice Control, skin disorders.Fair amount of research has been done for its use in contraceptive industry as a potent birth control measure.

In Cosmetics

Neem Oil is used for preparation of various cosmetic and toiletries. All Purpose Cream, Hair Oils, Tooth Paste, Bathing Soaps, Hair Shampoo, Face Pack, Dog Shampoo.

Available Pack

1 litre pack

200 litres drums

Also Available: Blended With A Range of Aromatic Oils