Wonder Neem AZA

Azadirachtin (ALSO KNOWN AS AZADIRACHTIN TECHNICAL) Or Neem Extract is the most potent tetranortriterpenoid isolated from neem kernels which is used in making Neem Based Pesticides.

Wonderneem Aza is yellowish powder that contains Azadirachtin (A), Azadirachtin (B) and more than 60 isomers that are key active component of Neem and possesses powerful ... insecticidal properties and works synergistically against more than 300 species of pest and diseases including caterpillars, beetles, whiteflies, leafhoppers, aphids, mites, thrips, borer, mealy bug, leaf folders and many more in fruits, vegetables and plantation crops, greenhouses, turf, outdoor ornamentals and agricultural crops such as sugarcane, paddy, cotton and team in controlling a large number of insect It is most potent insect repellent, antifeedant and an insect growth regulator.

Insects can't develop resistance for Azadirachtin due to presence of more than 60 active compounds working synergistically at one time.

Real Results With Huntin

Available Concentration

  • 10% Powder
  • 15% Powder
  • 25% Powder
  • 300 PPM (Liquid EC)
  • 1500 PPM (Liquid EC)
  • 3000 PPM (Liquid EC)
  • 5000 PPM (Liquid EC)
  • 10000 PPM (Liquid EC)
  • 50000 PPM (Liquid EC)

Mode Of Action

In insects, it exhibits various behavioral responses such as,


Oviposition Deterrent

Molting Inhibitor

Ant Fertility

Feeding Deterrent

Insect Growth Regulator

Reproduction Inhibitor