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Huntin Organics provide best product quality   Huntin Organics’ lots of research and practical experience, keeping interests of farmers and consumers has developed some Safe, Economical and Sustainable answers.   Support requests are the most efficient way for us to handle your support inquiries.
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Nano Reach Disnil Anmol Bumper
Nano reach’ is a miraculous surfactant that can simply multiply the effects of any Agrochemical sprayed on the plants with its unique... Disnil’ is an Organic / Botanical / Herbal Bio Fungicidal Product with unique qualities and excellent results for Viral, Fungal, Bacterial disease.. Anmol is natural product based formulation which absorbs large quantity of irrigation water / rain water and release freely as required by “Normal Suction... Bumper is a herbal product that regulates the excessive vegetative growth and increase flowering and fruiting within shortest possible time.
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Termicon Nema Tod Disnil Soil Wash n Eat
‘Termicon’ is a combination of highly effective bio agents with proprietary formulation technology to control soil Subterranean termites and white grubs.... 'Nema-TOD' is a Next Generation Proprietary Formulation developed with In house R & D ,which is a synergistic combination of highly effective..... 'Disnil soil' is a highly effective biological product to control ‘WILT’ and most devastating soil borne disease of agricultural production.... ‘Wash N Eat’ is a formulation that is designed to wash fruits and vegetables for removing microbial contamination, pesticide residues, wax and dirt....
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Nano HMO Dynamite MealyNok Terminate
Nano HMO SPRAY OIL is specially refined emulsifiable oil designed to use alone or as an adjuvant in combination with insecticides, fungicides and pesticides..... 'Dynamite’ is a combination of Potent herbs extracts, Natural oils with synergistic Bio Activators to combat all kinds of mites in the plants. ..... ‘Mealynok’ is a blend of Plants oil, Botanical extract and formulated with Nano Emulsion Technology that easily penetrate in the waxy layer of the Mealybugs... ‘Terminate’ is an innovative combination of Purified Herbs Extracts with Bio-Agents to have an outstanding and long term control of Lepidopteran Pests...
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Huntin Organics’ an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, with core research and development manufacturing Next Generation Products for various applications with unique advantage of
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